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Date Posted - 8th Nov 2012 |  Category - From The Pastor

Good morning,

First let me share a need with you. Bill James, who leads our Take My Hand Ministry, has let me know that folks in the community need blankets and comforters as the weather has gotten colder. You can bring them to the church and drop them off in the gym today, Thursday, or they can drop them off at the trailer behind the Student Center. Amazing the avenues of ministry God gives us that are simple and meet a real need.

Also, here is the link to our November newsletter. Be sure and open it up, download and read all the articles. http://www.hhbc.net/wp-content/uploads/minutes-agendas-newsletters/Newsletter_2012-11-01.pdf

Now for Sunday, let me remind you to have your Smartphone’s, iphones or ipad with you and ready to go. I’ll be sharing with you part of our vision for the future. While I’m doing that, if you have a question I want you to send it to me via our HHBC Facebook page. We’ll have an answer time during the morning worship services to deal with some of the questions. Also you’ll hear amazing testimony of how the vision for the future will impact our ministries and we’ll see some 24 folks following the Lord in believers baptism. It will be a great day of celebration and worship.

On this day in 1895 X Rays were discovered. I’m not sure exactly who discovered them but for the first time man could look inside of himself and see what was going on, to a limited extent. While they must have thought that was amazing, we need to remember that according to the Psalmist God sees and knows everything that is going on within us. He even knows our thoughts and emotions, nothing is hidden from Him. That truth can be scary or it can be encouraging. If you’re hiding something it will bring you fear, if you’re living in integrity and honesty you welcome God knowing you have a pure heart. The challenge for all of us is to stay pure as we walk before the Lord.

I’ll see you Sunday and don’t forget, ride the shuttle,

Pastor Carl