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Mothers of Preschoolers



Meeting Place: Hyland Heights Baptist (Room D102 in the new sanctuary)

Fall 2015 meeting information to be announced in August.

For more information on the upcoming MOPS year,
please contact Jennifer DuBose at jdbuose@liberty.edu.

Membership Costs:

$25 annual MOPS International membership,
$20 dues for Fall Semester, $25 dues for Spring Semester.
Semester/meeting dues are used
to cover the costs of hospitality,
creative activities and publicity.
Scholarships are available.

Steering Team Members:

Jen DuBose, Coordinator
Tara Bowen, Co-Coordinator
Amy Varney, Finance Coordinator
Erin Chucoski, Hospitality Coordinator
Kristin Milks, Discussion Group Team Coordinator
Johanna Scott, Publicity Coordinator
Alisa Daubert, Creative Activities Coordinator
April Cade, MOPPETS Coordinator
Kristi Vann, Mentor Mom

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