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This is a outreach of Hyland Heights Baptist
Church and we wish to serve you.
Please give us a call in the office at 821-6906.


The mission of Hyland Heights Counseling Services is to provide a confidential and nurturing environment for individuals, couples, and families to resolve interpersonal, career and spiritual problems

Unique Focus

HHBC counseling services is a Christian-based service. This means that any form of counseling or therapy will be guided by the principles of Judeo-Christianity. Essentially, this means that the teaching of the Bible will be brought to bear as applicable to the life and growth process of individuals in counseling. In cases of individuals that are not Christian or would like to be counseled other than through Christian principles, this request will be honored. Dr. Marks is both clinically trained and Biblically trained so he is able to offer care to individuals seeking either a distinctively Christian approach or a secular one. Non-Christian individuals are encouraged to benefit from his services without concern of bias.

Areas of Counseling Covered

Premarital – Marital conflicts – Remarriage – Separation/divorce

Stepfamily adjustment – Addictions – Career/Job change

Grief/Loss – Depression – Anxiety – Anger management

Spiritual struggles – Family conflicts – Crisis/suicide

Counseling Paul Marks

Dr. Paul Marks is trained in counseling and psychology. He has received his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1994 followed by two Masters degrees in Religion and Christian Theology in 1998. He has also completed his Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Counseling in 2007. Presently, Dr. Marks is completing a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and working toward state licensure to become an LPC. He has worked as an individual and marital counselor at HHBC for the last ten plus years. His area of specialty is in couples counseling and premarital for step couples (getting remarried with children). Prior to beginning ministry he worked in substance abuse and is familiar with addiction and the recovery process. Personally, Dr. Marks has been married over fourteen years and has three children.


Dr. Marks can be reached through the following ways:

E-mail – Pmarks@hhbc.net

Phone 434.229.2533

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