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The Hyland Heights Counseling Center offers clinical counseling services to our church members and extended Central Virginia community. Our goal is to provide a confidential and nurturing environment for individuals, couples, and families to resolve personal, interpersonal, career, or spiritual struggles. We provide help with depression and anxiety, premarital counseling, marital conflicts, family adjustments and conflict, career changes, addictions, anger management, spiritual concerns, and more.


We offer 2 different levels of counseling care:

1. No-cost Counseling

  • In partnership with TRBC, the HHBC Counseling Center provides no-cost clinical counseling provided by interns. These providers are graduate students working on completing hours towards their degree and are under the supervision of a licensed practitioner. We have a 12-session limit for free counseling. Click here to apply and join the waitlist for no-cost counseling. 

2. Licensed Resident Counseling

  • The HHBC Counseling Center also offers paid counseling services from our on-site Licensed Resident in Counseling. Resident counselors have completed their master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and are working towards independent licensure under clinical supervision. This may be a good option for more complex concerns and a shorter waitlist time. Click here to request an appointment for Licensed Resident Counseling.

The Hyland Heights Counseling Center welcomes clients with any belief system, however, our counseling sessions are Christian-based and conducted from a biblical worldview, guided by the principles of Judeo-Christianity. Essentially, this means that the teaching of the Bible will be considered applicable to the life and growth process of individuals in counseling.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or have immediate needs, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. The Hyland Heights Counseling Center does not provide emergency services


We offer help with premarital counseling, marital conflicts, family adjustments and conflict, career changes, addictions, depression and anxiety, anger management, spiritual struggles and more.


A 13-week course offered in the fall and winter designed to help you work through the stages of grief as part of a loving and supportive group. You are not alone in your feelings and thoughts and the weekly discussion will bring a sense of normalcy and support back into your life.

GriefShare is available for anyone 18 years of age or older and we also offer Grief for Kids, available for children ages five to seventeen. Contact for more info and to get involved!


Q: Who can receive counseling at Hyland Heights Counseling Center?

A: We work with individuals, couples, and families. We are able to see children (ages 5+), teens, adults, and senior adults. Premarital counseling is also available from our SYMBIS-trained providers. Additionally, you can check our HHBC counseling page to see what types of group counseling we currently have available.


Q: How is this different from Pastoral Counseling?
A: Our counselors are not pastors. They provide Clinical Mental Health Counseling services. Pastoral counseling can be pursued alongside our clinical counseling, if desired.


Q: Is there a limit to how long I can attend counseling?
A: Yes. For no-cost counseling, 12 free sessions are offered. During your time in counseling, your provider will help to determine if other programs, groups, or referrals could benefit you following your counseling sessions. For paid counseling services, length of counseling will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the counselor and client. 


Q: Can I choose my therapist?
A: Counseling interns are provided clients based on mutual appointment time availability, so unfortunately you are not able to choose your therapist for our no-cost counseling services. You are welcome to write who you would like to work with in our additional comments section of the application, but there are no guarantees you will be placed with that particular counselor.


Q: I want a specific type of counseling. Can my counselor provide that?
A: Possibly! You are more than welcome to write your request in the comments section of the application or ask your counselor if they are willing/able to provide a certain type of counseling, however, we cannot make any guarantees.


Q: Is there a waitlist for counseling?
A: Our free counseling services typically have a waitlist. When completing the application for no-cost counseling, we recommend that you list as many possible times you are available, increasing the possibility of more quickly finding an intern counselor who meets your availability. Additionally, you can choose to utilize our paid counseling services, which may have a shorter wait time.


Q: What should I expect for my appointment?
A: Appointments are typically scheduled to reoccur at the same day & time each week. For your first appointment, you will bring your completed paperwork with you, or your counselor will give you time to complete it in your session. From the start of your appointment time, individual counseling sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes, and family & couple sessions are scheduled for 75 minutes.


Q: I live too far away. Can I still see a counselor online?
A: All of our clinical counseling services are only available to those who reside in the state of Virginia, permanently or for school. With our paid counseling services, you are able to attend counseling sessions fully virtual! However, our free counseling services require you to attend the first session in-person, and after that, you can attend sessions virtually through telehealth.
If you would like to find a counselor in your area, you can search the American Association of Christian Counselors HERE.


Q: How can I support the mission of the Hyland Heights Counseling Center?
A: We appreciate your interest in helping us reach our community! You can make a donation HERE. Your donation will help us continue to provide free services, make efficiency and appearance updates to our building, expansions to our services, and provide reimbursement of weekly supervision costs for our student counselors.
Additionally, we would love for you to partner with us by praying for our center, counselors, and clients.


Still have questions about our clinical services at Hyland Heights Counseling Center? Contact
*Please understand that we cannot ensure the security of your emails. Email communications are not encrypted, therefore it is inadvisable to send private or sensitive information by email. 

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