Hyland Heights offers counseling services in partnership with Thomas Road Baptist Church at NO COST! The goal of our counseling services is to provide a confidential and nurturing environment for individuals, couples, and families to resolve interpersonal, career and spiritual problems.


Our counseling services are Christian-based. This means that any form of counseling or therapy will be guided by the principles of Judeo-Christianity. Essentially, this means that the teaching of the Bible will be brought to bear as applicable to the life and growth process of individuals in counseling.


Our counselors are graduate students supervised by a licensed counselor,

To set up an appointment, click the button below and complete the application for counseling services.



We offer help with premarital counseling, marital conflicts, family adjustments and conflict, career changes, addictions, depression and anxiety, anger management, spiritual struggles and more.


A 13-week course offered in the fall and winter designed to help you work through the stages of grief as part of a loving and supportive group. You are not alone in your feelings and thoughts and the weekly discussion will bring a sense of normalcy and support back into your life.

GriefShare is available for anyone 18 years of age or older and we also offer Grief for Kids, available for children ages five to seventeen. Contact Jeannine Dorrin at for more info and to get involved!