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Am I Really A Christian?

Have you ever wondered how you know you are really saved? It’s a question I have been asked multiple times by students. In fact, I have asked that question myself. The book of 1 John gives us the answer to this question. If you read the entire book, you’ll see it’s a theme in John. You will recognize the theme by his use of “if, then” statements; if we do this or don’t do this, then it reveals if we are truly in Jesus.

Here is a list from 1 John 1:5-9:

  • v6 – If we are walking in darkness (sin), then we aren’t in Jesus

  • v7 – If we are walking in the light, we are in Jesus

  • v8, 10 – If we say we have no sin, we aren’t in Jesus. Why? Because that is why Jesus came and died on the cross.

  • v9 – If we confess our sin, then we are in Jesus. The result of confessing our sin? Is that Jesus cleanses us from our sins.

In 1 John 2, the list continues, and verse 5 stands out to me each time I read it. It answers the question so clearly. “This is how we know we are in him: The one who says he remains in him should walk just as he walked (1 John 2:5b-6 CSB).

If we call ourselves saved, born again, a believer, or a Christian, then we will walk as Jesus walked. What does that mean? It means our life will look like His life. Jesus’ life on earth becomes a model for us to reflect on our lives now.

Take some time today to reflect on Jesus’ life. How did He live? What did He do? How did He interact with people? What was His character like?

The challenge from this passage for us is this: Do I reflect the character of Jesus in my life? Maybe start with evaluating how you lived yesterday, did you reflect our Savior? If not, what do you need to confess to Jesus, knowing that He will forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). If not, what areas do you need to be praying and asking the Holy Spirit to change and move in your life? I know for me personally, I have been praying that I would become more patient and humble like Jesus. I encourage you to tell someone where you are seeking to look more like Jesus as well and ask them to help keep you accountable to it.

For His Glory,

Sean Best

College Pastor

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