Amazing Difference

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

We often talk about the difference God makes in our lives, but last week in Cuba we saw the reality of just that. The vast majority of Cuban people walk through life with no expression of joy. As you pass them on the streets they do not respond to "Buenos Dias", or any other greeting. For them it is try and make it through another day. Of course living under communism and socialism has left them with an average monthly salary of about $15. Yet the cost of goods was equal to what you and I would pay here in America. For example, a 14 cubic ft. refrigerator costs about $750 Cuban dollars. Try buying that on a salary of $15 a month.

It was amazing to see the difference in Cuban people when we gathered for church. They live under the same conditions as everyone else in Cuba, yet you could see a joy in their faces that others did not have. They smiled, they sang, and they gave praise. The difference? Jesus. It was amazing to see such a stark difference between someone who was not a Christian and someone who was.

I wonder today has Christ really made a difference in our lives? While the average American has so much more than the average Cuban, the fact remains that when a person does not know Christ it shows not only in their expressions. While we may do a better job of covering up our emptiness, the truth is without Christ we are just as empty as everyone else. I challenge you today if you know Christ do not let your passion for Him fade. Stay close, keep learning and keep praying. If you take inventory and you realize you do not know Him, let me encourage you to call on Him today and ask Him to change your heart.