Weekly Celebration! (April 15)

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Church Family,

It feels so good for Mandy, the boys, and I to actually be here with you this week, even if we can’t be together in person. We drove in Monday and hopefully the rest of our stuff will follow later this week. All that to say, we are getting settled in and we are grateful for the wonderful welcome from so many, even as we socially distance.

​I do hope that each of you had an amazing Easter Sunday this past week. It was certainly different for me preaching to an empty worship center and I know it was different to not be here in person too! The good news is that Jesus is still risen, reigning, and in control, even in our present circumstances. We can trust that He is still working. We can trust His perfect timing. And I am trusting that we will be together again soon!

Until then, here are some amazing ways Hyland Heights continues to connect, grow, and make an impact for Jesus as well as our financials through April 12th.

  • Easter Sunday is always a big deal at HHBC and for many people in our community. While we couldn’t meet in person our livestream saw over 3,300 views, from at least 8 states and even several in other countries. We know that many of those screens would have had multiple people in front of them meaning that the gospel continues to go forth in power and penetra