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Even my radio is starting over

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

And so it begins. A brand new year - 2019. It seems every devotional I read has to do with starting over. From Philippians where Paul tells us to forget what lies behind and reach to what lies ahead, to reading the first chapters of Genesis, Matthew and Psalms. As I read through the Bible, it all signals something new. I got in my car this morning and looked at the radio and even it was starting over. It was updating and getting reset for the new year.

There's something about starting fresh that we all seek. To look back and know our past mistakes are forgiven brings freedom from guilt. To look back and see how God has been at work in our lives, even when it seemed He was far away, brings encouragement and confidence. To realize that with the Father, every day is an opportunity to start fresh. It's like a breath of fresh air into our heart. Today let me encourage you to take advantage of the moment and as the verse of the day in my Bible reading plans says, "So teach us to number our days, that we may cultivate and bring to You a heart of wisdom" Psalm 90:12.

Please remember to pray for Linda Dobyn's sister Debra Toler, as she fell and broke her elbow and knee. Don't forget to remember Linda's other sister Connie as she deals with medical issues as well. Also, Helen Dent asked that we pray for Richard, a gentleman in her apartment complex, who is having brain surgery.

Ladies and men, don't forget to register for Traction. This is going to be one of those ministry moments that you do not want to miss. It's Saturday, January 12 and is totally free. Ginny Owens will touch and challenge your heart. The Barrick's will inspire and encourage you to stay faithful no matter what, and the music will lift your heart as you worship Him.

By the way, I'm still here as your pastor. I am working each day, helping lead your Leadership Team as they take on the double challenge of seeking an interim and nominating a Pastor Search Team and continuing to take care of you. Which means I'll be here tonight teaching and we will have Awana and Student Ministry all starting at 6:30 p.m. I was not supposed to be in town this coming Sunday so Dr. Mark Becton will be preaching. I will be back on Sunday the 13th as we host Ginny Owens from Traction. My last day as your pastor will coincide with the selection of an interim.

One last item to mention - we are still seeking nominees to serve on the Pastor Search Team. Any nominations need to be sent to Kathy Straw, Please ask the person if she/he will serve before nominating them. Your Leadership Team will be meeting Monday, January 7th, to continue the process of formulating a team to nominate to you for your vote so please have all nominations in by this Sunday, the 6th.

Stay strong,

Pastor Carl

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