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Growing Together At Home: Bible Readers

As we continue to face changing expectations and uncertainty, it is important that we continue to live out our faith as the local church. Since we are currently not meeting together to study, learn and grow, we must make this a priority as families.

Each week, you will find a new audio message, along with some corresponding Scripture readings that focus on the topic addressed in the message. You will also see a number of questions designed for you and your family to discuss together, or for you to use in personal reflection and assessment. Our desire is that your family will have an opportunity to engage together with God’s Word and examine the expectations expressed for His family.

We are discussing today the fifth of twelve simple steps that will guide us in fulfilling the church’s mission to become disciples who make disciples. In the first four weeks, we unpacked what it means to Connect with God and others. Today we will examine why it’s important to Grow spiritually in our individual lives, and one of the methods by which we do that – becoming/being a Bible Reader.





  • What important fact is Jesus stating about God’s Word?

  • How is God’s Word identified in this verse?

  • Why do you think the Bible is compared to bread or food in general?

  • Humans can survive about three weeks without food, but how do you feel when you miss just one or two meals?

  • Based on verse 4, what is the significance of God’s Word in the life of a Christ Follower?

  • People who are growing in their spiritual journey recognize their need for Scripture and develop a craving for it, similar to how your body naturally feels after missing several meals. When we develop that craving for God’s Word, we have a desire to satisfy it, and as a result, we receive blessings and benefits from the Bible.

  • According to this passage, what is the origin of the Bible?

  • What four benefits or purposes does the Bible offer?

  1. Teaching provides us with the practice of defending our faith. The Bible teaches doctrine about God and spiritual things, and it explains why Christians believe what they do.

  2. The Bible also rebukes us as it declares our sin. According to James 1, it acts like a mirror, reflecting who we really are.

  3. As a result, the Bible provides correction so that we can, not only avoid problems (Ps. 119:9, 11) but also fix problems (Mt. 25:23-24).

  4. Finally, the Bible provides instruction for righteous living. We can learn how to live the Christian life (Eph. 4:1-3) as well as how to live a life pleasing to God and others (Col. 1:10, Mt. 6:33.

  • How have each of these benefits affected your spiritual journey?

  • In what ways has the Bible equipped you? What good works have you done as a result?

  • What will you do this week to utilize God’s Word so that you can be equipped for every good work?

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