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Growing Together At Home: Disciple Makers

As we move ever closer to re-opening and the possibilities of meeting together once again let us finish strong in our commitment to study, learn and grow as families.

Each week, you will find a new audio message, along with some corresponding Scripture readings that focus on the topic addressed in the message. You will also see a number of questions designed for you and your family to discuss together, or for you to use in personal reflection and assessment. Our desire is that your family will have an opportunity to engage together with God’s Word and examine the expectations expressed for His family.

We are discussing today the final step that will guide us in fulfilling the church’s mission to become disciples who make disciples. Today we will unpack the culmination of the previous 11 steps – what it means to be a Disciple Maker.





  • What should motivate or encourage us to become Disciple Makers?

  • What are the two basic action steps or expectations for making a disciple?

  • How should the fact that Jesus has been given all authority in heaven and on the earth affect our efforts or abilities to make disciples?

  • What will motivate you to begin making disciples of others?

  • What are some ways that you can start making disciples of the people around you?

It is God’s desire and expectation that all of his Christ followers make disciples of others.

It is not in our DNA to just sit and soak at church; rather, we are to participate in and impact the lives of others in our community and our church family.

As we begin to understand and apply this expectation, we will begin to look for ways to

grow personally. We will also look for others that we can pour into and guide them along in their spiritual journey.

You might be hindered with the idea that you are not mature or knowledgeable enough

to disciple someone, but those are not conditions or exceptions that God provides. The expectation is for all believers to be Disciple Makers, and it should challenge us to pursue our own spiritual growth so that we can come alongside others as well.

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