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Growing Together At Home: Welcomers

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

As we continue to face changing expectations and uncertainty it is important that we continue to live out our faith as the local church. Since we are currently not meeting together to study, learn and grow, we must make this a priority as families.

Each week, you will find a new audio message, along with some corresponding Scripture readings that focus on the topic addressed in the message. You will also see a number of questions designed for you and your family to discuss together, or for you to use in personal reflection and assessment. Our desire is that your family will have an opportunity to engage together with God’s Word and examine the expectations expressed for His family.

We are discussing today the third of twelve simple steps that will guide us in fulfilling the church’s mission to become disciples who make disciples. Today we will examine what it means to Connect with others as we shift or focus to welcoming others.





  • According to Romans 15:5, what should be the basis for our attitude toward other people?

  • What kind of attitude did Jesus have toward others and how should that affect our acceptance of others?

  • What reason do we find in verse 6 for why we should accept and welcome others?

  • It is clearly stated here that God is the one who gives endurance and encouragement.

  • How should these characteristics affect how we respond to others?

  • According to verse 7, what is the ultimate reason and example of why and how we are to accept others?

  • How did Jesus demonstrate an attitude of acceptance to this man?

  • As a family, try to identify other examples in which Jesus demonstrated his acceptance of others. (Matthew 26:6-13, John 4:1-26, Luke 18:15-17, beggars, lepers, sinners, the outcast, etc.)

It is important to remember that after demonstrating a lifestyle of acceptance of others, Jesus demonstrated that he was inviting everyone into his family, through his death. The message of the Gospel is about acceptance regardless of our past or present sinful condition.

As welcomers, we are extending to others the invitation to be accepted and adopted into the family of God. If God was willing to accept us in our sinful condition (Romans 5:8), we should also be able to accept others and welcome them into His family.

How can you demonstrate this attitude and action of welcoming and acceptance during this time of social distancing? We may not be face-to-face, but we are still interacting with people who need to be accepted.

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