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Growing Together At Home: People Bringers

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

At some point, this upheaval will settle down and things will return to a new, acceptable normal. Let’s use this time to grow in our faith and learn how to demonstrate it to our families, friends and neighbors. As Christ followers, we must demonstrate through our actions that we have a reliable source and focus for our faith. As we connect each week, let’s strive to be faithful in growing our relationship and fellowship with God.

Each week, you will find a new audio message, along with some corresponding Scripture readings that focus on the topic addressed in the message. You will also see a number of questions designed for you and your family to discuss together, or for you to use in personal reflection and assessment. Our desire is that your family will have an opportunity to engage together with God’s Word and examine the expectations expressed for His family.

We are discussing today the fourth of twelve simple steps that will guide us in fulfilling the church’s mission to become disciples who make disciples. Today, we will examine what it means to Connect with others as we shift our focus to the expectation of being “People Bringers.”





  • Andrew follows Jesus because John the Baptist called him the Lamb of God. Andrew understood that to mean that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied throughout the Old Testament. What from this passage would indicate that Andrew was excited to hear this news?

  • In response to being so excited to find Jesus, what was Andrew’s first action?

  • The example of Andrew should motivate us to bring people to Jesus. Who are some people that you should invite and bring to Jesus?

  • Jesus tells this parable about a great banquet to which many friends were invited, but they rejected the offer and gave excuses for not attending. The host then decided to invite the poor, crippled, the blind and lame to the banquet. This is unique because, in that Jewish culture, this offer would have never been given. Even as these “outcasts” joined the banquet, there was still room.

  • How does the master of the banquet fill his house?

  • What does the word “compel” mean?

  • How does this parable express the expectation for us to be people bringers?

  • What are some ways that you can be a “people bringer” during this time of social distancing and while we are not meeting together?

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