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How to Fight

A couple of weeks ago I shared about knowing your enemy. We talked about Ephesians 6 and putting on the armor of God and knowing who are battle was against. This week, I want to talk about how to fight. We have put on the armor of God and we have identified who we are fighting. Now, how do we fight?

How do we fight in the spiritual realm? Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the power and principalities of this world. The spiritual realm. How do we fight against something we can’t necessarily see? Dr. Tony Evans said, “spiritual success in spiritual war depends entirely upon spiritual solutions”. Do you remember the armor that we put on for battle? Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, Salvation, and the Bible. Certainly not the armor that you would wear into a battle, UNLESS, you are fighting a spiritual battle.

When a person is going into a literal battle, do you think they put on part of their armor, or all of it? They wouldn’t go into battle without a helmet or without a shield, and certainly not their sword. So why is it that we often times think we can go to battle against the powers of this world with part of our armor on?

I do not believe that one piece of armor is more important than the other, but I want to look at the sword; the Bible. The sword is our offensive weapon in battle. Do you know how to use the sword? Do you know the power of the sword? Have you learned how to use the sword? God’s word has the power to disarm our enemy and it has the power to cause the enemy to flee. But if we don’t know how to use the sword, we could possibly be rendered ineffective. How do we battle back? We have the shield that can handle the fiery darts, but we can only take so many shots before we tire. We need to fight back, and we use the sword to do so.

Does a warrior walk into battle hoping they know how to use their sword, or do they show up prepared? Being that it is the offensive part of the armor, they have spent hours with it. Learning how to swing it, how to jab with it, how to use it properly in whatever situation they find themselves in during battle. So it is with us when we enter into the spiritual battle, which is every day. Do you know the Bible? Do you know how to use it? Do you know the verses in it that can stave off the attack? Do you spend time with your sword, the Bible? Psalm 119 says, “I have stored up Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You.” Are we prepared for battle, or do we just hope to be able to somehow use the sword when we need it without even knowing it or knowing how to use it?

Let me encourage you, church, get to know the Bible…more. I am confident that we could never show up for battle over prepared. There is power, confidence, strength, and victory in the word of God. Let’s use it to claim victory over the powers of darkness in our everyday battle.

Love you all and praying for you today!

Pastor Tim Fus

Pastor of Worship Ministries

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