Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In the book "Dethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture's Quest to Unseat the Biblical Christ", scholars Darrell Bock and Daniel Wallace explain that the popular view of Jesus today is not biblical Christianity but a "Jesusanity" in which Christ has no throne. They wrote:

"'Jesusanity' is a coined term for the alternative story about Jesus. Here the center of the story is still Jesus, but Jesus as either a prophet or a teacher of religious wisdom. . . His role is primarily one of teacher, guide, and example. Jesus' special status involves his insight into the human condition and the enlightenment he brings to it. There is no enthronement of Jesus at God's side, only the power of his teaching and example. In this story, the key is that Jesus inspires others, but there is no throne for him."

We as believers need to stay strong in the truth of who our Savior and Lord is. No matter what culture says, we cannot diminish Him in any way. We cannot lessen who He is or what He did. The Jesus who died for our sin and rose the third day is the only Son of God.

Be encouraged my friend that no matter what culture says about Jesus, He remains the One who loves us and extends grace and mercy to us. Be encouraged that the Jesus who is alive and seated at the right hand of the Father is praying for you every day. Be encouraged that your faith is not in vain, He will reward your faithfulness to Him. As the sovereign Lord of all, know that He is watching over you and as you allow Him, He will direct your every step. He truly cares about you and every a