Weekly Celebration! (April 7)

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Church Family,

God has truly been at work this past week! Below are a few reasons to stop and give Him praise as we head toward Easter Sunday along with our church financials through April 5th.

  • ​I'm so grateful, in the midst of this crisis, to continue to be able to worship each week through our live stream on Facebook and on HHBC.net. More than that, the gospel is reaching further than ever before as people watched from 7 different states and 4 different countries this past Sunday!

  • Life Groups online are also reaching more people! This past Sunday we saw over 100 children join a life group via Zoom and our student ministry is even seeing new students join life groups each week. If you, your child, or your student would like to join a life group, email Brian Freerksen at bfreerksen@hhbc.net.

  • ​Our food pantry ministry continues to meet the needs of over 80 people each week with many first time needs being met. In addition, the food pantry ministry received a $14,000 check from a member of the community to help continue to meet the needs of the community! Praise God that He provides in incredible ways and thank you to all of our food pantry volunteers who are doing such an amazing job each week!