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Little Is Much... - Weekly Celebration (May 7, 2021)

"15 When evening came, the disciples approached him and said, “This place is deserted, and it is already late. Send the crowds away so that they can go into the villages and buy food for themselves.” 16 “They don’t need to go away,” Jesus told them. “You give them something to eat.” 17 “But we only have five loaves and two fish here,” they said to him." (Matthew 15:15-17)

Have you ever heard the phrase, “little is much when God is in it”? I love the story about the feeding of the five thousand. The tendency is to focus on what Jesus did with the five loaves and two fish and how He was able to feed so many with so little, but I also like to look at what the little boy did. He was the one with the five loaves and two fish and offered them up.

Even the disciples were telling Jesus that it was not going to be enough. What did Jesus do? He told the disciples to have everyone sit on the hillside, He blessed the food, and then everyone ate. And there was so much extra food that they were able to pick up twelve baskets of food as leftovers for the next day.

God has been moving at Hyland Heights, and we want to take a few minutes to celebrate. Below are several celebration highlights, ways you can be a part, as well as our weekly financials. An Opportunity to Impact: We are just a couple of weeks away from our Spring Missions Offering. We have presented the goal of $30,000 and have asked you to pray about how will be involved with reaching this goal. How much you give is not what matters. Some will be able to give more, and some will not be able to give as much. What matters most is that you give. For when we place it in the hands of Jesus, He is able to do far more than we could ever imagine. We get to take part in sharing the gospel locally and around the world as we support missionaries who have been called to “go”. We will collect our Spring Missions Offering on the 23rd of May. Continue to be praying and seeking God’s will for your participation in this opportunity. Continued Growth: In addition to celebrating several new families who have made Hyland Heights their home, we have another 20 people who are attending our Connect Class. We had to add another room just to accommodate the numbers. Praise God for the continued growth of His church! Matching Gift Met: We want to say thank you to all who gave to help us reach our goal of $20,000 to put up new projectors in the worship center. We met and exceeded our goal because of the faithful and incredible generosity of our church family. The projectors have been ordered and we can’t wait to get them up as soon as they arrive!

HHBC Weekly Financials: May 2, Offering: $ 37,264.44 Weekly Budget: $33,228.00 Thank you for your continued generosity! God is moving in incredible ways at Hyland Heights, and each gift continues to help us live out the vision of Jesus as we connect, grow, and impact our world for the gospel.

Giving thanks to Him, Tim Fus Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts

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