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Love Your Neighbor

Hello Church Family, 

I hope that you are doing well and having a great start to your week.  It was awesome yesterday to be back in church.  I was out of town last Sunday, so yesterday was the first time I have been back in the building with many of our church family.  Even though many of us are still staying at home, it was so good to see church family that I have not seen in person in a long time.  I told some of the kids that it was good to see them in person and not through a computer screen.  I am praying that soon and very soon, we will all feel comfortable and we will all be back together.  

As I was thinking and praying about what to write this morning, a few days ago, it would have been a lighthearted look at the mask uproar, but after the happenings of the weekend, God laid something different on my mind.  I have been horrified and saddened by the images that are coming from our cities right now.  It seems every day and every night it gets worse and worse.  Last night the violence spread to our little city of Lynchburg, so it really hit home with me.  I am not going to give my opinion of what I feel is really going on, as I think there is enough of that already circulating around.  Yes, everyone has the right to speak into it.  I simply want to share a few thoughts with you.  

The answer to the problem is simple.  I believe that it is time for people to do what Jesus would do.  It is time for us to show the love of Christ.  In His time, here on earth Jesus loved everyone no matter who they were.  Remember the times that He interacted with the lepers and how they were the outcasts of society.  Jesus touched them and loved them even though most hated them. Remember the times that Jesus ministered to and entered Samaria.  These were people that the Jews certainly hated and were unashamedly racists against, but Jesus saw no difference and He loved them even though He faced criticism for doing it.  Remember the times Jesus fellowshipped and loved people who were known sinners, but He chose to love and heel their lives.  Finally, there is such a great lesson to be learned from the final moments of His life, He looked down from the cross in love, and said Father forgive them.  Imagine what our world would be like if we acted like Jesus.  

So today and throughout the next few days and weeks, act like Jesus.  Show love not judgement.  Do something kind for someone that may not expect it.  Pray for the people who are protesting, pray for our nation, pray for our leaders.  God's people have the answer to this problem; it is the Love of Jesus.

Have a great day!

Mike Summy

Children's Pastor

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