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March PST Update

We are in the final stages of Phase 1 - The Preparation Phase.

We have created a communication plan and are following that plan:

Through sharing of regular updates to the leadership team, the church web page, prayer points on the monthly event card, and periodic updates in the worship service as needed. We have created an email address for the church to contact the team directly - ""

We have finalized the congregational survey questions and plan to have the survey live from Sunday, March 10th through Sunday, March 17th.

We would like the survey to be announced this Sunday, March 3 in both worship services. Brandon Waggoner will be communicating with Life Group leaders at the upcoming teacher's meeting. The survey will be taken chiefly digitally- either smart phone, tablet or computer. We will make accommodation for those that can't or won't use digital means through paper or by helping people take the survey at some locations at church. The purpose of the survey is to help Pastor Search Team ascertain the needs of the congregation and to give opportunity for congregational input. These results will be used by the team throughout search and interviewing phases and will be considered as part of finalizing the Senior Pastor Job Description. Brian Kidd is guiding our efforts on this.

We are working through the Senior Pastor Job Description.

Using what existed previously, we have incorporated some updates as suggested by Pastor Carl, and Jared Holley is working through the constitution to make sure the duties of the pastor that are spelled out in our governing documents are specifically listed in the job description. We are adding a written statement that an offer of employment will be contingent upon the results of a thorough background investigation including, but not limited to criminal, educational, relational, moral, sexual, financial aspects of the candidates history, including the checking of registered offenders lists. 

Donna Witt is leading the efforts in collecting data for our "Church & Community Profile." We will use this information to help candidates understand what kind of church we are and what our community is like. This will be a digital resource.

Shawn Ames been in communication with Dr. Wheeler.

He has availed himself to us for any assistance we might want from him. His encouragement to us is to not feel rushed, but to allow time for the Lord to lead us in the process. 

What's next?

In March we will be reviewing the scriptural qualifications of a pastor, deciding on a resume window, and fully entering into Phase 2 - the "Search Phase." 

March Prayer Requests

  1. Continue to Pray for the Search Team and our families as we seek God’s man

  2. Pray for the Pastoral Staff as they work to meet ministry needs during the transition period

  3. Pray for the search team during the Church Survey process that we will be sensitive to the needs of the congregation

  4. Pray as the team starts the Senior Pastor Job description process

  5. Pray for the body that everyone will continue to serve and to start building a legacy

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