Mercies New Each Morning

Good Morning Church!

Have you noticed little hints of spring yet? All through our garden, we have short green stalks sprouting out of the ground. Wildflowers and dogwood trees are in full bloom. At least I think they are dogwood trees. However, many of you may not have noticed the early life of spring. Instead, many of us have been so focused on the things related to the coronavirus.

Our nation and state have given us some more mandates and rules to abide by, and change is happening every day. And it seems as though change is the only thing that will stay consistent. Not only have there been changes daily, but the coronavirus has also brought pain. Those in K-12 no longer have school the remainder of this academic year. As a student, you may be experiencing pain, from missing your friends, sports, teachers, and maybe even some classes. I know high school and college seniors feel as though they are being robbed of so many memories right now. As a parent, you may be experiencing pain by your students being home all day every day, wishing they still had school. Joking aside, some of us are experiencing the pain of the loss of jobs and even loved ones.

I don’t bring up change and pain for the sake of dwelling on them, but rather because of their reality. We are in a place where change and pain surround us, but like the flowers beginning to bloom, there is an opportunity for us to sprout up in the midst of it.