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Not afraid of the dark

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I'll confess that until I started hunting, the idea of walking around in the dark in the woods was frightening to me. Walking around not knowing if a bear or some other animal would jump up and attack me was something that I didn't want anything to do with. However when I started hunting two things change my fears to confidence.

One was a flashlight. That light illuminated the darkness so I could see where I was going and if anything was in my path. The second thing that gave me confidence and took away my fears was the weapon I was carrying. I knew if anything jumped out I had a lethal weapon that I could use to shoot, and hopefully kill, my attacker. Those two items changed me so now I will walk through the woods in the dark with absolutely no fear.

In life we sometimes feel like we're walking in the dark. We struggle from day to day wondering what will jump out at us and attack us. We look back over our shoulder wondering if what we said or wrote would come back and bite us. We sometimes can't figure out where we're going because we are constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Truth be known most of us live in fear of a word like cancer. Parents raising small children are many times fearful of the teenage years.

Well let me give you a light and a weapon that will change your fear just like it changed my fear. That light - that weapon is the Word of God. I know that is old news and you've heard it before, but nothing else will bring peace to your heart like the Word of God. God promises to be with you. He told us to trust Him in Proverbs 3, and that He will guide us. Teach that Word to your children and they too will have light as they navigate the darkness of teenage years. God said My Word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path (Psalms 119:105), use it starting today.

Don't ignore the obvious, God's Word works. Maybe it's time to realize the Word is the weapon you need to eliminate the darkness you're walking in. Maybe it's time you cherished it enough to study and memorize the promises God gives you so you can fight the good fight of faith and win the spiritual battles that are coming your way. The enemy will keep you in fear until you replace your fear with His Word. I challenge you to pick up His light and His weapon and tell fear goodbye.

Hope to see you tonight,

Pastor Carl

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