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Our Student Ministry in Response to COVID-19

Parents, let me encourage you to be prayerful and to trust that none of what is happening in our world and country is a surprise to Jesus. Pray for people in need both physically and spiritually.

To give you a brief overview, all services and activities on the HHBC campus have been suspended until further notice. The HHBC staff is meeting regularly to re-evaluate the situation and our response. You can find a more thorough response to this issue and follow updates on our website at


We won't be having student ministry services, but stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for upcoming devotions, challenges, and discipleship resources that you can use.


We won't be having student ministry services or worship services on campus, but want to encourage you and your family to gather together and watch the HHBC worship service live stream at 10:55 on our Facebook page or at


We are postponing Home Groups at this time but will let you know if and when they will resume to complete the current classes.

Thank you for the privilege of ministering to your students,

Rev. Brian Freerksen

Student Ministries Pastor

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