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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Just when you thought we had gone too far with the new law in New York, a representative in the VA House of Delegates takes us one step further. This week Delegate Tran put forth a bill that was worse than the one Cuomo signed in New York. Thankfully it was defeated. However the Governor of VA took it a step further when he was asked about the bill. He made the statement that a child outside the womb, delivered and breathing, could have her/his life taken if the mother and doctor so agreed. I'll not get into it all but let me direct you to listen to Dr. Al Mohler's Daily Briefing, for today as it will give you the facts. Dr. Mohler is the President of Southern Seminary and I've never heard him be so direct, so you need to listen to his briefing.

What happened to open the door to such horror in our nation? Well, two things. One, the fall. Adam and Eve's sin destroyed morals, common sense and so much more. Two, and this is the one that stings for every one of us who are Believers, we have failed to be salt and light in this world. How many believers did our governor encounter as a child, a teenager, a college student, a doctor? We may never know the answer to that but I wonder how many of them were salt and light, sharing Jesus with him. Did any of his patients, any of his friends, anyone who bumped into him share the Gospel? I wonder about Delegate Tran as well. How many believers did she encounter as she came to the U.S. from Vietnam, and who took the time to be salt and light to her?

Yes we need to vote, we need to take action, however the truth is we will never change the heart of any Governor or Legislator, only Jesus can do that. We have failed to be salt and light in our world and so evil has grown to the point that a pediatrician/governor would condone infanticide. Listen - a lost person can only act lost and she/he is going to think wrong is right and right is wrong. We forget that the Bible tells us that they walk in darkness until something like this happens and then we get up in arms.

We need to get busy being salt and light to everyone around us for we never know who will grow up to be the next President, Governor, Legislator, Congressman/woman. My challenge to you - be salt and light today and every day.

Don't forget that Sunday is going to be a pivotal and amazing day of worship here at Hyland Heights. I'll be baptizing, we have amazing songs to worship the Father and Son with, the Pastor Search Team will be commissioned and I'll be sharing my first and last message with you. You might be wondering at the words "first and last" but be here and you'll understand.

Pray for Peggy Lee as she undergoes surgery on her Achilles heel this morning. Continue to pray for Carolyn Davidson and Ruth Turner as they are both getting close to going to heaven.

I'll see you this coming Lord's Day,

Pastor Carl

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