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Singing in the Rain

As I sit here trying to write, it is storming.  Thunder, lightning, wind, and rain.  The physical environment is in chaos.  I want to write something profound.  I have nothing. Ecclesiastes chapter three talks about a time for everything under heaven.  Nearly everyone knows these scriptures.  It has even inspired, "to everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn," a song that is now repeatedly running through your mind just because I placed that thought there.  You can thank me later. A time and a purpose for everything.  The contrasting verses name nearly everything that can happen in the stuff of life between birth and death.  I have experienced all of them at some point.  Life happens, period. Verse eleven sums it up beautifully: He makes everything beautiful in His time.  His plan in His timing, requires my obedience.  Why do I allow the stuff of life to mess with my obedience?  Time.  Everything takes time. As it continues to storm, I hear the rain.   There is something comforting, soothing about the rain.  Gentle at first, rhythmic.  It is becoming stronger, louder.  I hear it in the distance at first, now growing closer; thunder.  Violently loud, breaking the still of the morning. But then, I hear it; a bird singing.  Even in the midst of the storm, they sing.  Despite the stuff of life happening to them, they sing. I wanted to write something profound.  I have nothing.  What He reveled while I listened was profound.  Those little guys do not lose their song.  Despite their circumstances, their stuff in life, they keep right on singing. They know WHO cares for them. They are free and careless in the care of the Father. Oh how HE wants us to live like that! Aren’t we far more valuable to him than they are? Matt 6:26

He will make everything beautiful in His timing.  I am praying that I find my song.  Think I’m gonna go sing in the rain. Karen R.  Neas

Women's Ministry Leader

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