Stolen Identity

I had an epiphany one day at work when I was asked, “Who are you?” A normal question to be asked, right? It was common to be asked my name and badge number. However, in that season of life it struck me. I am not just a cop, daughter, wife, and mother, but I am a priceless child of God! Somehow along the way my identity had been stolen and I no longer knew who I was. For fifteen years, my name, “Gorman,” adorned my police uniform with badge/shield 100. For another fifteen years my name, “Rhodes,” was plastered on my chest with badge/shield 250. I was still the same officer, but I had a different employer, different last names, and badge/shield numbers.

Answering the question, “Who am I?” led me down some soul-searching deliberations. I realized in that moment that being a police officer is not who I am but what I do. Over the years, I investigated stolen identity cases or people who assumed the name of another. Although I was an astute officer in those investigations, I was facing my own stolen identity crises. I had a relationship with Christ, but it was weak and superficial (on my part) and I allowed that relationship to get robbed for a while. I allowed Satan to creep past the alarm system and breach my walk with Christ. I never quit having a relationship with Christ, I just did not have a close o