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The Bible Will Change Your Life

Hello, church!

I had a group of four students reach out to me this week about starting to do some daily Bible reading together. And if you have kids or have ever done ministry with teenagers, you’ll recognize right away just how exciting that is! I mean, wow! Four 8th grade boys who of their own volition have decided they want to be in God’s Word every day—and not just read it; talk about it with each other and be accountable to it. It’s a youth pastor’s dream! And what’s crazy is that this all happened during a time where we can’t even be in the same room. The Bible just has this incredible ability to unite people and bring them together, no matter the circumstances.

So we’ve started reading together, and the first comment from one of the guys was this: “If you stop reading the Bible, it has a big effect even if you don’t feel like it does,” followed by another guy's comment: “When we stop reading our Bible for any reason, we look back and realize how important it really is in our lives and that we can’t live without it.” Powerful words from some young Christ-followers.

It's true! Reading the Bible daily makes a big difference in our lives! But don't just take my word for it. Here's a short video from Messenger International about how big a difference that actually is—check it out:

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

  • When we’re in the Scriptures four times a week, it radically changes our lives:

  • Feeling lonely drops 30%

  • Anger issues drop 32%

  • Bitterness in your relationships drops 40%

  • Alcoholism drops 57%

  • Feeling spiritually stagnant drops 60%

  • Viewing pornography drops 61%

  • Sharing your faith jumps 200%

  • Discipling others jumps 230%

Wow! What a difference the Bible can make in our lives make if we just commit to reading it four times a week. We need the Bible—we’ve got to be in God’s Word every day. And I think now more than ever before this truth has become evident for me.

You might not have the opportunity to come to our church building twice a week and do a Bible study, you might have a hard time taking advantage of the things we’re doing digitally to help you grow spiritually, but there’s one thing that you always have access to—God’s Word. And being committed to it can be one of the greatest opportunities you have to stay connected to your fellow believers, grow closer to God, and experience radical life change while you’re at home.

So, here’s my challenge for you—follow the lead of these four students, connect with a group of people you’re close to and start a Bible reading plan together. It just might change your life.

(If you read it with a group of 8th grade boys, you can at least count on some entertaining conversation!)

Praying that a desire for God’s Word takes hold of your heart this week,

Jackson Richardson

Middle School Pastor

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