The Kind of Human That You Will Become

As you read through the first half of Paul’s letter to the Colossians, you find that Paul believes the Colossians are compromising on their beliefs and turning away from a life that reflects Jesus because they haven’t truly grasped the change that takes place in their lives when the gospel takes root.

I think this is a common struggle—we all face the temptation to compromise on our beliefs. And I’m sure that many of you, like me, have looked back on decisions that you’ve made with shame and disappointment because you didn’t accurately represent Jesus.

To combat that temptation to compromise—to truly grasp the change that takes place in our lives when we respond to the gospel—is rooted in a mindset. Throughout Colossians 2, Paul argues that if we stop following the wisdom of this world and start aligning ourselves with the wisdom of God because we believe that God has the ultimate authority over everything—when we do that, we avoid compromise.

But what does this look like practically in our lives? This is where Paul turns his attention in chapter 3—and what we’re going to see is that the rest of this letter ultimately focuses on showing us how several key areas of our lives should look different when we align ourselves with God rather than this world. But he starts by challenging us at the beginning of chapter 3, and it’s from accepting this challenge that our lives will change.