What's Your Point?

When I was attending Liberty University, I picked up a job doing landscaping. It was hard work and long hours. Slinging mulch, planting flowers, trimming shrubs, and cutting grass. The only thing I really enjoyed doing was cutting grass. Well, one part of the process, anyway, there were three parts to cutting grass. Mowing, weed eating, and blowing. I loved the mowing.

We had these mowers that were 5 feet wide and had an attachment called a Velke. This was the part that we stood on. It was a little attachment that came out of the back of the mower that was basically big enough for your feet. There was a little tire in the middle that made it easy to move.

I loved the mowing not because of the mowing itself, but because of the finished product. It wasn’t even that I could look back with pride at the work I had just completed. You see, I took great pleasure in seeing the lines in the g