receive prayer or partner with us!


At Hyland Heights, we believe in the value of prayer and it's importance to the life of the church and the lives of people.

For the week leading up to Easter Sunday, our community is joining together in prayer not only for our world but also each other! We're asking you to partner with us by committing thirty minutes of your week to saturate these things in prayer.

If you're willing, click the button for more information and to sign up for a thirty-minute time slot!

week of prayer

prayer guide

Here you'll find a guide for what you can be praying for during your thirty-minute time slot this week, or at any time!

Click the button for a brief guide to prayer, a list of things we are committed to praying for, and prayer requests from the people of our church.

We believe that God takes an active role in our lives! Prayer is one of the best ways that we can ask God to move and work in specific ways.

If you or someone you know would like our church to lift up your requests this week, submit them here and they will be added to our prayer guide.

prayer requests