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Our team is currently in Phase 4 of the search process. Find more info on each phase below.

PHASE 1                     PHASE 2                    PHASE 3                     PHASE 4

After the field of candidates is narrowed, this phase is used for reference interviews, professional background screenings, and introducing the pastor candidate to the church.  Upon a favorable vote, the church will extend a ministry call to the candidate. The pastoral search team can fulfill the role of a transition team for the new pastor and his family.

Candidacy Week: Public Reception #1
North Lobby
Candidacy Week: Public Reception #2
Multipurpose Center
Candidacy Week: Public Reception #3
Multipurpose Center

As a member of the pastor search committee of Hyland Heights Baptist Church, I gladly covenant to participate in the work of the committee according to the following agreements.

Covenant of Ethical Behavior

I agree to relate to each member in a manner consistent with the ethical standards characterized by Jesus Christ.


Covenant of Spiritual Preparation

I agree to make Bible study and prayer ongoing priorities in my life.


Covenant of Prayer

I agree to pray daily for each committee member and for the work of the church.


Covenant of Unity

I agree to work in unity, not regarding myself as of more value than others, “diligently keeping the unity of the Spirit with the peace that binds us” (Eph. 4:3).


Covenant of Honesty and Openness

I agree to be honest and open with others on the committee, always seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance so that the fruit of the Spirit identified in Galatians 5:22-23 will characterize my participation.

Covenant of Confidentiality

I agree to refrain from discussing with persons outside the committee, including members of my family, information shared in committee meetings unless the committee agrees to release information to other church members.


Covenant of Transparency

I agree to be prepared to give regular updates on the progress of the search team, once such information is approved for release outside the search committee.


Covenant of Faithfulness

I agree to remain faithful to the church and its ministries so that church members will have confidence in the committee and so that I can effectively and honestly interpret the work of the church to prospective pastors

being considered by the committee

Shawn Ames

Jared Holley

Steve Isaacs

Carmen Kerr

Brian Kidd

Karen Neas

Gary Straw

Brandon Waggoner

Donna Witt