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A Card I Never Mailed

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In going through all of my files and file cabinets, I came across a card for Mother's Day. I was curious as to why I'd have a Mother's Day card in my file cabinet so I opened it to see whose name was on the inside. To my surprise there was no name on the inside of the card, no name on the envelope, nothing. I soon realized that it was a card I had purchased to send to my mother on Mother's Day. For some reason I never sent it. Of course my mom has been gone ten years now and the card is of no use to her or me. I reread the card and began to imagine the joy and blessing it would have been for my mom to read those words. Yet it remains a card I never mailed.

I would like to remind us all that there are people in our lives that we love and care for, that we forget to let know how much we love them. There are people who could use a card of encouragement from a son or daughter, a mom or dad, or a grandparent. There are friends that we cherish and hold dear to our hearts who would love to get a note from us letting them know of our love and support. I even found a card of encouragement someone had sent me and simply said, "Guess who this is". To this day I still could not tell you who that person is, yet I smiled when I reread it.

The Bible tells us to make the most of every day. It reminds us to redeem the time we have on earth. I believe part of that redeeming involves not only working hard and taking advantage of opportunities to grow but it involves investing in someone else. I believe our most impactful moments may not be at work, but they very well may be the time we spend investing in someone else. Today let me encourage you to "mail that card". Don't come to the end of your days and, like me, find a card you meant to send.

Remember Carrie Alleman as you pray today. Carrie struggles with eating disorders and keeping her body strong. Pray for her aunt, Barbie Alleman, as she continues her battle with breast cancer. Barbie is one of those brave persons who says little but trusts in what God will do to heal her.

I'll see you tonight as I continue our study in Colossians 3. Other studies for men, women, students and children are happening as well.

Be blessed,

Pastor Carl

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