A Knife Through Butter

By the time I finished High School, I was set on becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. I had everything planned out. I had completed multiple internships at an Orthopedic office, worked as an Aide. I even watched a few surgeries. One was an NFL player, he tore his ACL, PCL, LCL, lateral and medial meniscus. Basically, the only thing still connected was his MCL and Patella tendon. As a side note, I was his Physical Therapist Aide throughout his recovery, and he is currently back playing in the NFL. It was an awesome experience. Now Jesus had other plans when He saved me after my Sophomore year of college, but I will never forget the surgery. I’ll refrain from being too gruesome, but when they made the cut with the surgical knife, his skin separated like a hot knife through butter. That saying is weird to me, but it works, it was really just astounding how easy it separated his skin.

In the book of Hebrews, the author talks about the word of God as a sharp double-edged sword.