A Wife's Perspective

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

My wife wrote this a few weeks ago and asked me to share it with you. It's her perspective on God's leadership in our lives.

"RETIREMENT.......what a word! My heart and mind are flooded with emotions as I write.

Over 38 years of serving God as a pastor's wife are coming to an end. Almost a quarter of a century has been spent here at Hyland Heights in Lynchburg! I remember Carl jokingly announcing from the pulpit that first Sunday, "We are here for 16 years whether you want us that long or not. You see, we're on a doubling roll. We were at Latanache Baptist for two years, First Baptist, Lake Providence, four years and Unity Baptist, eight."

Not only have we stayed 16 years in Virginia, but almost 25!

In all four of our churches, we have been so blessed and loved on, but it was here that our people had the opportunity to go way above and beyond in tak