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America Needs God

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Well you know me - I just could not stand by and say nothing about the new law the State of New York passed regarding abortions. If you're not aware of this new law let me encourage you to go online and look it up. New York passed a law giving doctors the right to abort a child up to his/her due date. That means two minutes before a child would be born healthy and whole, they could be legally murdered. The framers and legislators gave doctors this right if the life of the mother was at stake. However, we all know from the history of abortion that that provision is worth nothing as all it takes is for a doctor to say the mom may not survive child birth so go ahead and murder the child.

The passing of this law, and the celebration of it by so many, only proves that America needs God now more than ever. The people of New York should be up in arms however, the only ones that I've seen objecting publicly are Catholic Bishops. They have threatened to excommunicate Governor Cuomo from the Catholic Church, which is nothing compared to the judgment of God in the future but I'll not go there this morning.

To think that an eagle chic in an egg is more protected than a child in the mother's womb staggers the imagination and rips apart the heart. We are truly becoming a barbaric nation when a child in the womb has no rights or protection. Only a people who have forsaken God could pass such laws. While I readily admit that this is only one state in our nation the fact remains we are on a morally downhill slope with no stopping in sight. To take it one step further does anyone realize how many couples are begging to adopt one of these children before they are aborted? I like what one person said, and this is not a direct quote, "What would happen if the government spent money funding adoptions instead of abortions"?

2 Chronicles 7:14 reminds us that we need to pray for America. Believers all across this nation need to seek God and beg His forgiveness for our allowing this nation to sink into spiritual darkness where right is wrong and wrong is right. We must become militant in sharing Christ with our lost friends and neighbors. This nation does need laws to protect the innocent but this nation needs God to change hearts and bring us back to His Word and will. Today and everyday say a prayer for our nation and humbly ask God to send a spiritual awakening.

Please make a note that February 3 will be a significant day of worship in the life of HHBC. On that day we will commission our Pastor Search Team during the morning service. Because of the importance of this moment in the life of our church we are not going to have the early worship service, we'll only have the one worship service. Other than no worship service at 9:30 a.m. everything else remains the same.

Also, please pray for the following people and their families: Ruth Turner, Carolyn Davidson, Carrie Alleman, Larry Moon and others as they are all dealing with health issues.

And of course don't miss this coming Lord's Day as it will be a great time of worship and fellowship.

Pastor Carl

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