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Breaking News and Oh no more snow

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

After much prayer and hard work, your Leadership Team is ready to nominate a Pastor Search Team to the church for your consideration and vote. The LT received around 40 nominees, and while any number of those persons nominated would do a great job on this team, they did the hard work of narrowing the field and selecting 7 persons to serve on the Team. As I watched your leadership work I can tell you much prayer and agony went into this process.

The Leadership Team is calling the church into a special business session Sunday, January 20th following the 10:55 worship service to introduce the team to you, to receive questions and for you to vote. It is vital that you pray for this meeting and that you make plans to be there. While it will be a different time for a business meeting than usual, it will also be a significant time in the life of our church that requires your participation. The nominees for the team are: Shawn Ames, Jared Holley, Carmen Kerr, Brian Kidd, Ken Nichols, Gary Straw,& Donna Witt. For now, if you have any questions feel free to contact me or one of the members of the LT. Any of us will be glad to answer your questions before the meeting or at the meeting.

Well here we go again - a forecast of snow. Now first and foremost join me in praying that God will send an east wind and blow this storm out to the Atlantic before it gets to us. Do we not believe in the power of prayer? Second, Traction is proceeding as planned. I talked with Stephanie and she said nothing has changed. If it does snow that day we'll have crews ready to assist those attending to get to their vehicles and on the road. I can tell you we've had folks calling this week to register so don't you dare let a forecast keep you from experiencing a move of God in your life. By the way, the Traction team will be here Friday night praying so if you'd like to join them come by the church that evening.

Just in case God sends us snow, we'll follow the same procedures as the last time. We will post changes on our web page, Facebook page and on WSET. I am recording a message on Friday morning that will be broadcast via Facebook Live Sunday morning so even scattered across our community we can all go to church. Obviously, remember to use the App or webpage as you give of your tithes and offerings. I have already used the App to give my tithe this week so join me in being faithful stewards of God's blessings.

Someone wrote, "Wise men still travel". That statement was written by the author to make a point, we must continually keep seeking the Father. We must be like the first wise men and not allow life, others, issues, work or relationships keep us from seeking the Father. James said, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you". Today, stay on the journey and seek Him with your whole heart.

I'll see you Saturday at Traction and I'll see you Sunday one way or the other,

Pastor Carl

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