Don't hold on - let go!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Well, I was so very disappointed that we were not able to have church yesterday and you missed Mia's testimony. Every man, woman and student needed to hear about her journey from being a foster child, wife, mom, caught up in the world and finally God bringing her home to Himself and her family. Her story is more than amazing. If you can find her online and listen to her story do it, it is more than worth it.

I so appreciate Traction bringing speakers like Mia, Ginny and the Barrick's to our church. When you miss hearing from folks like this you miss a huge opportunity to hear God speak to your heart, to be encouraged and to hear how God works opposed to hearing how the world works. We are inundated by the world's mindset so we absolutely need to separate ourselves from those voices and be in God's presence to hear His truth.

I love it when God puts everything together. This morning I was impressed with the idea of how we "hold onto God's hands". We are encouraged to reach out to Him but the problem is we think the only way to keep going is to keep holding on. It gives us the idea that if we let go then we'll fail. This morning God sa