Grab Hold, Step Up

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

I heard this the other day - "Hold onto what's being held out". Of course what's being held out to you is the Hand of God. The great news I can share with you this morning is that God is constantly reaching out His hand to you. What is even more amazing is that when you grab His hand He will never let you go. Today let me challenge you to respond to God's invitation to take hold of His hand. By the way, God showed us His hand when He allowed His Son to be born, another reason to celebrate Christmas.

I wanted to also invite you to step up and support your church. The Leadership Team is tasked with nominating a Pastor Search Team to you for your approval. In putting that team together, they need your help and input. They would like for you to nominate persons to serve on that team. You can do so by simply emailing the name(s) of someone you feel led of God to nominate, and have asked their permission to nominate, to Kathy Straw at She will confidentially be compiling that list for the Leadership Team to review. By the way, please know that just because a person is nominated does not mean they will be chosen to serve.

Two very important things - one, the deadline is January 6. I know you're busy with the holidays but they want to keep moving forward.