Here We Go!

Hello church! How are you doing today? I have been praying for you every day and anticipating the day we would all be back together.

Well, it looks like that day is upon us! I trust you were able to watch the live stream on our website or Facebook page last night. The Pastors laid out Phase 1 of our reopening plan. If you were not able to watch it live, you can go back and watch it now. All the information relates to reopening the church and will answer some questions that you might have. Also, there will be an update to our website page that deals with how the church is operating under the coronavirus guidelines and restrictions mandated by our governor. You will want to check that page frequently for updates.

I would also like to say thank you in advance for your patience, understanding, and support as we navigate through this time together. We have never been here before, and we, the staff, are doing what we feel is in the best interest of our church. Thank you for praying for us and your c