Stay The Course

How’s everyone doing? Are you adjusting to a new way of life? I know for my family it has been interesting and exciting, sort of. Ha! It’s hard enough to make changes to our schedule and the way we do life when we do it on our own, but when we are “forced” to make the changes, well, we sometimes go kicking and screaming.

For the Church, the mission has been and will always be the same. But the methods need to change as society and culture changes. Could you imagine what it would have been like if the virus happened 20 years ago? No internet, no Zoom calls, no cell phones, etc. WOW! I guess we would have just shut down ministry, right?? Just like today with all the “things” we have at our disposal, the Church would have found a way. The CHURCH, you and I, not our programs or events, but you and I must find a way to continue the mission. We must stay the course.

In Acts chapter 16 we see that Paul and