The Church: Gathered Or Scattered?

I was thinking today about what the church is supposed to look like. If you ask most pastors, they will probably take you to Acts 2:42-47. We use this to describe the church all the time. And it is an excellent description. Here are the characteristics: they devoted themselves to the Word of God, prayer, meeting together regularly, taking the Lord's Supper, having meals together, sharing all things, and having unity. They also saw many people get saved and join them. Every pastor I know is like, "Give me that!" And I am sure all of us want our church to have that back. However, a lot of those things either look radically different or aren't happening at all right now in churches across the world because of the Coronavirus. So, what do we do? What does that mean? Are we still the church?

Well, by the time we get to Acts 8, everything changes for the church. The world is turned upside down in an instance. Let's read what happens: