Trust in God

Hello Church Family,

I hope that you are doing well and staying healthy. I am a big political news junkie and love to watch politics on TV. Lately, however, it just seems like things are repeated over and over and the longer I watch TV news the more discouraged I become. I guess it’s pretty easy to fall in the trap of losing hope while we are in this seemingly never-ending cycle of bad news.  Today as I was thinking about how things are today, God reminded me to look to His Word and see examples of the heroes in the Bible who faced much more dire circumstances than we are and then be encouraged by their example. Take for instance the people of Israel who faced such formidable odds as they entered the promised land after wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. Think about Daniel who was a slave in Babylon and lived under the rule of so many ungodly men. Joseph was sold as a slave and even thrown in prison for things he didn’t do. All of these and so many more are examples to us of those who face difficult times.