Trust the Lord: Choose Wisdom

Genesis 1-11 is a really interesting part of the Bible because, essentially, what we’re reading is a story that gets replayed time and again in different contexts and on larger scales. It’s almost as if the author just keeps hitting the same point from different angles of human history to show us just how important it is that we hold on to the foundational truths he communicates about humans and our relationship with the Creator.

Think about how the story plays out:

The book of Genesis opens with God creating the heavens, the earth and all life--and what's the crowning achievement of his creative work? Making humanity! God creates humans in his own image, declares his creation very good as a result, and rests in all the goodness of what he has created.

The first humans end up in the garden of Eden--a place that's depicted as a space where God and humanity are united and in partnership together. And in that partnership, God calls humans to be his representatives (that's the image of God) and gives them a commission to be fruitful and multiply and to fill the earth and continue the work that began at creation.

As God's partners and representatives who have been given this mission to carry out