What's Your Favorite Bible Story?

What is your favorite Bible story? Each week you have been hearing encouragement from our various pastors and leaders in our church. I have been writing most of the Wednesday devotions and there have been times I’ve struggled with what to share. As I sat down to write this week I was thinking about how many of you probably have never met me. So I’d like to share a little about myself and my favorite story about Jesus.

I grew up going to a Lutheran church with my family until Middle School. That was because soccer took over my world. However, my senior year I hurt my hip really bad and I lost all hope of my D1 scholarship. I ended up going to a D3 school to try and recover and transfer out. But I never fully healed, this started my journey into a fraternity. I thought I could find satisfaction in being a part of a new team, but something was missing. Nothing satisfied me and I was lost, searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places. I ended up moving in with my grandparents after my Sophomore year of college. That summer everything changed. One night laying in bed I gave my life to Christ. That Fall I transferred to Liberty under some pretty miraculous circumstances. Then