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Who Holds the Keys?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

There's a story about Dr. F. B. Meyer, who was a pastor and great Christian commentator on Scripture, that says he felt that his ministry was no longer fruitful. And that he sensed he lacked spiritual power. Dr. Meyer says it was as if Christ were suddenly standing beside him saying, "Let me have the keys to your life." Meyer actually got out his key ring as if to hand them to the Him. The Lord then asked, "Are all the keys here?' Meyer responded, "Yes, Lord, all except the key to one small room in my life." Christ replied, "Well, if you cannot trust me to have access to every room in your life, then I cannot accept any of the keys." Meyer became overwhelmed by the feeling that God was leaving his life, and so he cried out, "Come back, Lord. Here are the keys to all the rooms of my life."

I would ask myself and each of us, "Who holds the keys in our lives?" Do your trust God with all that you are? The Bible tells us to "trust in the Lord with all your heart" (Proverbs 3:4-5) however do we? Are we like Meyer, ready to give him every key but one? What key would that be in your life? Would it be your mind, your time, your family, your job, your resources? Today stop and ask yourself if He holds all the keys to your life and if not, today turn that last key over to Him and know His presence in a powerful way.

I was informed yesterday that the only way to make an appointment to have your church directory picture made is by calling Kay Hornsby at (434) 229-4665. Don't miss out in having your family in our new directory.

By the way, if you've moved or changed phone numbers please drop Kathy Straw an e-mail so that we will have accurate contact information for you. You can email her at

Know the Father loves you,

Pastor Carl

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