Why Should I Worry?

It seems that, as humans, we are constantly worrying about something. If you think about the past several days or week, what has troubled your mind and caused you to worry or have anxiety? Maybe it was something to do with COVID-19 or the status of school this fall. Maybe it was the health of a loved one or something to do with a relationship. The list is endless. Each person has their own list of concerns that morphs into worry and anxiety.

The Apostle Paul certainly had the right to worry. He was dealing with conflict within the Philippian church, false teachers attacking him, the safety of his own life, not to mention the fact that he was writing this letter from prison. Even though Paul had a long list of reasons to worry, he chose a different path. In our passage today, Paul explains the secret to overcoming worry as well as the absolute, rock-solid guarantee that God provides.